About Us

VEGAMA Ltd. was established in the spring of 2008 with the goal of providing a serious alternative for sales for experienced farmers and producers of the „Dél-Alföld” region, who operate efficiently and with a suitable operating size. According to our philosophy, this base of farmers is capable of producing a great amount of excellent quality fruits and vegetables that are savory, high in nutrient content and can be sold either on national or international markets.

Our company spent almost a year with finding the right producing partners needed for the envisioned sales model. During this time of preparation we did not trade, however, our consulting activity assisted many of our national and international partners. We started buying and selling fruits and vegetables in the beginning of 2009, which brought a revenue of a neat 2.5 billion forints by 2015. Our main profile consists of buying up fresh hungarian fruits and vegetables, packaging, and distribution to consumers through direct sales channels. Our company is located in Forráskút, 25 kilometers from Szeged, 8 kilometers from the M5 highway, in the center of the fruit and vegetable producing zone of the „Dél-Alföld” region. We possess a 3000 m2 warehouse, a 1000 m2 cooling chamber, our own truck park and several kinds of packaging machines. We purchase the produce from farmers located in the region, many of whom produce solely for our company. A lot of them are equipped with advanced technology: greenhouses heated by thermal water, heated and cold-foiled horticultures. As it can be seen from above, we have a significant base of producers, by which we guarantee the continuous distribution of goods for our Partners in the adequate quantity, quality and freshness and also in the required packaging.
From 2008 to this day, a lot of companies and producer marketing organizations in the region failed to compensate for the worth of goods supplied by the producers. For this reason, our company considers it its mission to aid and integrate these producers into its well-functioning system, providing them a living and uninterrupted producing by effective marketing.

In order to make stable farming possible, a significant amount of our partners are multinational supermarket chains who possess a solid background of capital, although our export activity is also significant. Our most important partners are: Penny, Lidl, Spar and Lidl (RO, SK). Thanks to these partners the instances of debt portfolio exceeding 45 days is minimal.

Szabolcs Császár
Executive Director